How To Grow Tomatoes In Winter

Tomato Ketchup, the most famous sauce in the world is made from tomatoes as the name suggests. Tomatoes originated from Mexico and then spread throughout the world during the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Tomato is consumed in diverse ways, including raw, as an ingredient in many dishes, sauces, salads, and drinks.

To grow tomato you will need some tomato seeds which you can take out from the fruit itself and sow it in soil and compost mixture to grow into a plant, it will take from 2 days to about a week for the stems to be 2 inch tall.

Relocate from starter mix into potting soil when stems are about 3 inches tall. Fertilize regularly, but lightly, beginning about two weeks after transplanting. Water plants thoroughly, but not too frequently.

When plants bloom, help Mother Nature along: Tap the main stem and larger side branches with your finger. This moves the plant slightly and encourages pollination. As you tap the plant, you might see a small cloud of pollen falling from the open flowers.

Turn plants occasionally, so all sides get a fair share of sunlight. After each plant has provided a bumper crop and has become unproductive, cut it off at the base, saving the potting soil for future transplants. Toss the old plant in the compost pile.

This video explains a little about how the plant should be grown by a different method:

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